Art Flow Chart

Art I: Art I is an introductory class that focuses on basic drawing skills such as contour line, negative space, and shading. In this class, we also introduce students to the art journal.

Art II: Art II is an intermediate level class that focuses on expanding and refining drawing skills as well as opening the artist to creating original compositions and developing their own style.

Drawing & Painting I: Drawing and Painting I is an intermediate level class focusing on expanding drawing skills as well as learning basic painting techniques. This class also introduces students to creating artworks that are content-based.

Drawing & Painting II: Drawing and Painting II is an intermediate/advanced level class in which students expand their drawing and painting technique to produce content based projects.

Printmaking: In Printmaking students learn the basic techniques of printmaking including relief printing, stenciling, and etching.

Advanced Art: This is an advanced level class, preferably taken after students have taken all of the other art classes offered at CHS. This class focuses on personal exploration through an art journal that will relate to a large final project of the student's choice.

Ceramics I: In Ceramics students learn the basic techniques of using clay to create three-dimensional forms. Students are exposed to several methods of building and finishing ceramic pieces including coil and slab.

Ceramics II: Ceramics II is an intermediate level ceramics course focusing on refining ceramics techniques. Students also begin to build pieces that are content-based.

3D Design: In 3D design, students use additive and subtractive processes to create three-dimensional artworks.

*All art courses require an art journal
*All art courses have a materials fee of $20