JROTC Charlie

JROTC Charlie is the last battalion group of the day. Check out their promotions, staff and other accomplishments here.

I am Christian Crawford and I am a senior in high school and was born in Greeley Colorado. Some things I like to do are play video games, hangout with my friends, and go on trips with family or friends. My position in the CHS JROTC Battalion is a company commander for Charlie company (7 and 8 block). As a company commander I am in charge of Charlie company and have to make sure that all cadets in that company are squared away and ready and updated for any battalion events in the future.
Charlie XO
I am 1LT Jacobson and I'm the XO of Alpha Company.

Hi I am Cadet Master Sergeant Miles.

I am the First Sergeant for Charlie company. I am in charge of the P.T planning and dealing with the new cadets that just join. I help train and prepare them for class with SFC ( R ) Pennington. I work well with the XO and the CO and the OP SGM. I like trains, and gaming.