Victoria Chavez 
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Teaches :  
 - Principles of Engineering Technology
- Intro to Engineering Design
- Mechatronics Robotics
- AC/DC Electrical Systems 
Graduated from Grand Junction High School. 

She got a BA in Mechanical Engineering from CU Boulder. Worked as an engineer for 7 years throughout Grand Junction before being asked to come to teach at CHS. The Engineering and Technology Specialist here teaches upper-level Tech Ed Classes. 
 Fun Fact- Has done a Ted Talk before and is a mom of a crazy 18-month-old.

Rob Pizem 

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  • Principles  of Manufacturing 
  • GIC
  • Principles of Engineering
Rob Pizem has been teaching project based science and engineering classes for over 20 years. After graduating from the Colorado School of Mines, working as an engineer and traveling the world, he followed his heart into the teaching profession. He is excited to share his passion and experience with the learners of Central High School so they can further their skills for life.