Larry White 
[email protected]  
  • Principles  of Manufacturing 
  • GIC

Bachelor's Degree - Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, TX
Master's Degree - Lesley University, Boston, MA

Fun Fact - at age 58, earned a private pilot license   

Victoria Chavez 
[email protected]   
Teaches :  
 - Principles of Engineering Technology
- Intro to Engineering Design
- Mechatronics Robotics
- Mechatronics Robotics
- AC/DC Electrical Systems 
Graduated from Grand Junction High School. 

She got a BA in Mechanical Engineering from CU Boulder. Worked as an engineer for 7 years throughout Grand Junction before being asked to come to teach at CHS. The Engineering and Technology Specialist here teaches upper-level Tech Ed Classes. 
 Fun Fact- Has done a Ted Talk before and is a mom of a crazy 18-month-old.