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Check out Mrs. Woods' book review blog to find your new favorite book!

Monthly Contest 

Read a Banned book from the display, fill out a form and get a prize (Box of candy and entered into the grand prize drawing)
Find the Rocks painted to represent banned books-hid in library-tell Mrs. Woods which book it represents and why it was banned and get a prize (Individual candy for each rock, once you get all the rocks you get a Box of Candy)  Can search for one rock per day
Identify the book from the clue on the bulletin board-get a piece of candy for each correct one, and get a box if you get them all.
Guess the shredded banned book. A correct entry gets you into the prize drawing.

Video Tutorials

Need to renew your book?  You can do it online!  Check out this video to learn how. 
Renew Your Book Online

Need a book to read?  Check out this tutorial to help you find audiobooks and ebooks
eBook/Audio Book Checkout

Need to check out a physical free reading book?  Check out this video for more information!
Remote Check Out