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Limits From a piecewise graph
Limits from a piecewise equation/Direct Substitution/Properties of Limits
Limit rules involving x approaching infinity(Horizontal Asymptotes)
Vertical Asymptotes/Sketching Graphs/Limits involving sinx/cosx/ex 
Limits of piecewise/sketching graphs/squeeze thm with trig sine/cosine
Continuity(Holes/Jumps/Vertical Asymptotes)
Intermediate Value Thm
Intermediate Value Thm/Avg Rate of Change/Intro to Def of Derivative using Limits
Definition of Derivative
Definition of the derivative


Limits:  Quiz 1         
Limits:  Quiz 2
Limits:  Quiz 3


Power Rule/Horizontal Tangents 
Product and Quotient Rules 
Tangent and Normal Lines/Derivatives from function notation  
Derivatives from function notation/Derivatives of Trig Functions  
Tangent and Normal Lines from trig functions  
Chain Rule  
Chain Rule  
Chain Rule from function notation
Derivatives of Inverse Trig Functions 
Derivatives of Exponential Functions
Derivatives of 
Logarithmic Functions
Derivatives of Parametric Equations/Tangent Lines from Parametric equations
Horizontal and Vertical Tangents from Parametric Equations 


Derivatives:  Quiz 1
Derivatives:  Quiz 2
Derivatives:  Quiz 3

Derivatives - Applications (Video)

Analyzing the graphs of f(x)/the first derivative/the second derivative
Analyzing and Sketching the graphs of f(x)/the first derivative/the second derivative
Sketching graphs of f(x) and the first derivative 
Derivatives from a table 
Particle Motion from a function (velocity/acceleration/speed/displacement)
Particle Motion from a graph 
Implicit Differentiation 
Implicit Differentiation with tangent lines and the 2nd derivative 
Implicit AP Problems and Related Rates(Derivatives with respect to time) 
Related Rates (Derivatives with respect to time) 
Mean Value Theorem 
Class Video: Mean Value Thm AP Problems 
Critcal Points and Absolute Extrema 
Local extrema using the first derivative/Concavity-Inflection Points from the 2nd derivative 
Local Extrema from the 2nd Derivative(Concavity) 
Optimization (Maximums and Minimums in context)
Interpreting/Sketching graphs of f(x)/the first derivative and the second derivative  

Derivatives - Applications (Quizzes)

Applications of Derivatives:  Quiz 1
Applications of Derivatives:  Quiz 2
Applications of Derivatives:  Quiz 3
Applications of Derivatives:  Quiz 4
Applications of Derivatives:  Quiz 5

Introduction to The Definite Integral
(Area/Riemann Sums/Basic Anti-derivatives) - Videos

The Integral as Area and Properties of the Integral 
Basic Antiderivatives using area (Power Rule and Basic Trig functions) 
Average Value 
Area using Antiderivatives and Introduction to Math 9  
The Fundamental Thm of Calculus (Derivatives of the integral)
Fundamental Thm of Calculus (Given a graph of the derivative) 
Fundamental Thm of Calculus (Given graph of velocity) and Left and Rigth Riemann Sums 
Trapezoid Rule and Midpoint Riemann Sums and Indefinite Integrals(+C)
Riemann Sums (AP problems) and Intro to Solving Initial Value Problems (Finding +C)
Integration by Separation and Eulers Method  
Particular Solutions (AP Problems) and Slope Fields 

Introduction to The Definite Integral 
(Area/Riemann Sums/Basic Anti-derivatives) - Quizzes

Intro to Definite Integrals:  Quiz 1
Intro to Definite Integrals:  Quiz 2
Intro to Definite Integrals:  Quiz 3
Intro to Definite Integrals:  Quiz 4

Anti-Derivatives - Video

Integration by U-Substitution 
Integration by recognition (Guess and Check)  
Integration by recognition day 2 (Guess and Check)
Tabular Integration Day 1 

Tabular Integration Day 2 and Partial Fractions
Partial Fractions Day 2 
Improper Integrals
Imprproper Integrals Day 2

Anti-Derivatives - Quizzes

Antiderivatives:  Quiz 1
Antiderivatives:  Quiz 2
Antiderivatives:  Quiz 3
Antiderivatives:  Quiz 4

Applications of Integrals - Videos

Total Distance
Total Distance/Total Amount (AP Problems)
Area/Arc Length
Volume using cross sections
Volume using cross sections day 2
Volume (rotating around an axis)
Volume (rotating around a line)
Area and Volume(AP Problems) 
Review Total Distance/Amount-Area-Volume

Applications of Integrals - Quizzes

Applications of Integrals:  Quiz 1
Applications of Integrals:  Quiz 2
Applications of Integrals:  Quiz 3
Applications of Integrals:  Quiz 4
Applications of Integrals:  Quiz 5

Series:  Convergence - Videos

Geometric Series
Nth term test for divergence/Integral Test/P-test
Comparison Tests
Nth root/alternating series test
Alternating series test day 2
Ratio test
Radius/Interval of convergence
Interval of convergence with endpoints
2015 FR #6 

Series:  Taylor/MacLaurin/Error - Videos

MacLaurin Series(centered at x = 0) Geometric
MacLaurin Series(centered at x = 0) Sinx/Cosx 
MacLaurin Series(Centered at x = 0) ex and arctan and ln(1+x) 
Using Special MacLaurin Series/Finding sums using special MacLaurin Series  
Building Polynomials from Derivatives(Centered at x=0) 

Bulding Special MacLaurin Series from Derivatives/Finding derivative values/Building Series Not Centered at x = 0 

Alternating Series Error 
Lagrange Error Bound Day 1 
Lagrange Error Bound Day 2  
Review 1 
Review 2 
Review 3

Series:  Convergence/Taylor/MacLaurin/Error - Quizzes

Series:  Quiz 1
Series:  Quiz 2
Series:  Quiz 3
Series:  Quiz 4
Series:  Quiz 5
Series:  Quiz 6
Series:  Quiz 7

Parametric and Vectors - Videos

Parametric (1st/2nd derivatives/Hor-Ver Tangents/Tan lines/Abs Extrema/Arc Length 
Vectors(Velocity/Acceleration/Speed/Position/Total Distance
Applications of Parametrics and Vectors
Vectors: Multiple Choice AP problem

Parametric and Vectors - Quizzes

Parametric Quiz 1
Vectors Quiz 1


Polar - Videos

Polar Basics and Slope
Polar Discuss different graphs with slope/Polar Area Intro - 1 shape 
Polar Area  Part of 1 shape and interpreting slope of a polar graph
Polar Area 2 curves )
Shading Polar Area

2014 Free Response Questions 
2014 Calclus BC Free Response Scoring Guidelines
2014 BC4 Given a Table (Riemann Sum) - Video
2014 BC5 Area and Volume - Video
2014 BC2 Polar - Video
2014 BC6 Series -  Video

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2015 BC1 Given a Rate Video
2015 BC2 Vectors Video
2015 BC4 Given a Differential Equation Video

2016 Free Response Questions 
2016 Calclus BC Free Response Scoring Guidelines 

2016 BC3 Given a Graph
2016 BC5 Volume Video 
2016 BC6 Series Video

2017 Free Response Questions 
2017 Calclus BC Free Response Scoring Guidelines 

Free Response 2017 #1(Riemann Sum)/2(Polar) Video
Free Response 2017 #3(Given a graph)/#4(Given a differential eq/#5 Given f(x) Video
Free Response 2017 #6 Series Video

2018 Free Response Questions 
2018 Calclus BC Free Response Scoring Guidelines

2019 Free Response Questions 
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