JROTC Staff is a group of cadets, who help run and manage JROTC. They work on events, fundraisers, and more. These are the cadets who help make JROTC run.

Battalion Commander C/LTC Edwards
Edwards Picture

I am the Commander of the Central High School JROTC Warrior battalion.

My past JROTC accomplishments include:
Cadet of The Year
Iron Cadet
Raider Team Commander
Scholastic excellence 
US Army Recruiting Command Award
Superior Cadet
My past school activities include:
Cross Country 
Track & Field 
Student Senate 
National Honors Society
My goals after high school are to attend the United States Air Force Academy and graduation to become an Air Force Aviator. 

Battalion OPSM C/MSG McClure
McClure Photo

My name is Nathan McClure. I am the Operations Sergeant Major for Central High School’s JROTC program. I enjoy camping and being in the outdoors. I am a concurrent student for WCCC’s welding program. I also do martial arts and Boy Scouts outside of school.

Battalion S-2
C/1LT Juarez
Juarez photo

My name is Jaiden Juarez I’m the s2. my favorite color is green. I control the arms room and make all the equipment pretty. I work at Qdoba.

Battalion S-3A Assistant
C/2LT Brown
Brown Photo
I am the Central High School Army JROTC S-3A, I am in charge of helping the S-2 take care of the Arms room, and just make sure nothing unsafe is happening with the items in the arms room. I am the Air Rifle Team manager. I am currently a 2nd Lieutenant.

Battalion S-5/6 Assistant
C/2LT Cooper

Cooper Photo
I'm Joseph Cooper, and I am the S-5/6 Assistant. I enjoy, acting and playing DnD with my friends. I'm really creative and I'm also the one who manages this webpage.

Battalion Executive Officer C/MAJ Golightly Golightly Photo
         I am Jayde Golightly, the Battalion Executive Officer. I am a junior in high school. My position is to be in charge of the battalion staff, I make sure that everything goes accordingly. My plans for after high school is to go into a ROTC program on a 4-year scholarship to help pay for school, and eventually become a veterinarian.

Battalion S-1 C/CPT Pitout
Pitout photo
My name is Shannon Pitout. I am the battalion S-1. My job is to ensure that all the paperwork for the battalion is taken care of. This includes promotion orders, award orders, and Battalion Cadet of the Month, Semester, and Year orders. After high school I will attend CMU for my undergraduates then move onto medical school where I will study anesthesiology.

Battalion S-2A Assistant
C/2LT Duncan
Ducan Photo
I'm Logan Duncan. I'm the S3 A. I assist the battalion commander in the preparation, conduct, and supervision of all training activities of the cadet battalion. Some things about me are that I love the outdoors. I go mountain biking, hiking, and camping most weekends. I also play video games and I'm on the air rifle team. I really suggest you join it.

Battalion S-4
C/CPT Lucero
Lucero Photo
Hello, I am the staff battalion S4. My name is Angelo Lucero and my rank is C/LT and I am in charge of keeping uniforms, Ranks, Ribbons, and other awards that need to be kept in the supply room. I am a kind S4 but if needed i can be strict but either way i will help if needed for uniforms but keep in mind i technically am still learning the S4 position so if i do something incorrectly please forgive me. Things I like and do is gaming which I do as a reward from completing a day of school. I also work at Taco Bell Horizon drive if you ever want to visit and say hi sometimes, I work 2-3 days so if you see me call me out and I'll greet you with a smile. My favorite colors is Blue and Green I don't have one because I feel like having one option isn't good. A little fact about me i am bisexual so if anybody ever hears me say anything related to that topic that is why. 

Battalion Command Sergeant Major C/CSM Cady
Cady Photo
I was born in Houston Texas in October of 2004. I am a multi-sport athlete participating in Cross Country, Track and Field, Wrestling, and Football. I am the Varsity Commander of the With Arms and With Arms exhibition team as well as our Raiders team.  I enjoy preparing Cadets to better citizens and setting them up for success in the real world. 

Battalion S-1 Assistant
C/2LT Chavez

Battalion S-3
C/CAP Clark
Clark Photo
My name is Kaelyn Clark, and I am the Battalion S-3. As the S-3, I write all of the WARNOS and OPORDS for the entire battalion. I let everyone know when events are happening, and what they need to do to prepare for these events. After high school, I plan to go to college to prepare for Vet School. I hope to become a veterinarian and maybe specialize in either ophthalmology or a different specialty I might be more interested in.

Battalion S-5/6
C/CPT Miller

Hello, I am Skye miller I am currently 16 years old I’ve been a competitive cheer and dancer since I was three years old. I am currently the S-5 and I help with fundraisers and events. In JROTC I am a First Lieutenant and I am a junior here at Central.