The Art Journal

The art journal is an integral part of the Art Program at Central High School. Students in two-dimensional art classes are required to have an art journal which they can either purchase from the Art Department ($6.00 for small journals, $10.00 for large). Students are also welcome to purchase and bring one in or to recycle a discarded book. Students in three-dimensional classes are also required to make and design a smaller book.

The art journal is a place for students to express who they are and experiment with many materials. The art journals are worked on throughout the quarter/semester and are a nice balance to learning drawing and painting techniques of projects in the class. Each day students do "warm ups", where they are shown a technique or given a prompt as an idea for a page. The art journal is a large part of every student's grade, and although there are no "rules" to the art journal, a rubric is used to grade it at the end of the quarter/semester. RUBRIC

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