Homework Helpers Needed

Homework Helpers Needed!
Hello Warriors, 
We’re Davian Sandoval and Jaden Rams, seniors who started the Homework Help program here at CHS. There is a new opportunity coming soon for a chance to earn community service hours as well as take on leadership roles in your school. 
If you didn’t know, Riverside Educational Center (REC) is also coming to Central (unrelated to this program), but we are extending an opportunity separate from REC in order to accommodate students who either can’t make the allotted time after school in which REC is scheduled, or those who are engaging in online learning. 
The Homework Help, Hands-on Education and Learning Program, is meant to help students struggling in core subjects in an individualized way. We know that every student learns differently, so we will honor that by basing the learning activities off of each student’s needs. 
Right now, we are looking for volunteer tutors willing to assist other students once a week during advisory. Tutors can also schedule private online appointments with students in case advisory isn’t an acceptable time for academic help. This program is meant to be flexible and accessible to all students. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact Jaden Rams, Tracy Arledge, or myself at the emails listed below. 
Kind regards, 
Davian R. Sandoval