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College and Career Center- College Timeline


  • Recommended Timeline for College Application
  • Common Application Deadlines/Fees/Reguirements
  • Letters of Recommendation



We encourage all college-bound seniors to apply on-line, since paper applications are no longer the preferred method for applying to colleges. Students are responsible for submitting their applications by the colleges’ deadlines. Because we often do not know when applications are completed and sent, we strongly recommend that seniors follow the timeline listed below. Following these recommendations will help to assure the best chance for admission and consideration for scholarships and financial aid.

*Early Applications Oct. 9
*Out-Of-State Colleges Nov. 13
*In-State Colleges Dec. 4

IMPORTANT: Please be sure to notify your counselor of all college
applications, how and when they were sent, and then complete your
transcript request forms by the dates above.


The link below will give you a detailed list of specific University requirements for application deadlines, fees, and general requirements.



Guidelines for Requesting Recommendation Letters

  1. Two letters from teachers is adequate. Choose one academic instructor.
  2. One letter from a community person (employer, mentor, etc.) is a good third.
  3. Always give the person an updated resume to use!!
  4. Allow a week to 10 days for the person to write the letter, and then check.
  5. Ask for a copy to use for other applications.
  6. Check the letter for accuracy, neatness, and good English before you send it.
  7. Use the Letter of Recommendation Request Form available in Counseling (or click on link below) to submit to the person, along with your resume.
  8. Never ask the same person twice for a letter. If you have college forms that teachers need to complete, attach a copy of the letter they have written for you to the form, and submit the check form to the teacher to complete and send in a stamped, addressed envelope.
  9. Letters of Recommendation should rarely be addressed to a specific school, or person. You should be able to use the letter for all schools, employers, or scholarship and other opportunity applications. Be sure to inform the person recommending you that you intend to use the letter for all of the above in the future, even after your high school graduation.
  10. Remember to thank the person who wrote you a letter of recommendation! This is a time consuming and very challenging task for the people you ask. They deserve an expression of your appreciation - it makes a difference! Remember, all counselors write recommendations for all college applications - they need a resume and an expression of thanks as well!