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College and Career Center - NCAA



The NCAA site contains information that is vital to all athletes planning to play sports in college. It is mandatory that all athletes register with the NCAA Clearinghouse before the end of their senior year. To proceed to the NCAA website, click the logo below.

NCAA Online


Be sure to follow all NCAA directions to have your transcript sent in.  Stop by the counseling office and see Wendy to have them sent.   Have them sent early.

Clearinghouse Academic Timeline Guide

9th Grade

1. Notify your counselor that you are an      

       athlete with plans to play in college.

2. Work with your counselor to be certain  

       that your course load is on track to meet  

       NCAA Clearinghouse requirements

3. Establish sound academic and athletic

       practice habits.

10th Grade

1. Take the PSAT in October

2. Begin researching careers so that you can

       begin to establish a major course of study.

3. Obtain a social security number as college

       applications require one.

11th Grade

1. Take the PSAT in October

2. Register with the NCAA Clearinghouse in

      the spring. (see your guidance counselor)

3. Complete your Amateurism questionnaire

4. Take the SAT/ACT in the winter/early spring

5. Take the SAT II if the college of interest

      requires it.

6. Begin researching schools of interest

7. Begin making unofficial visits.

12th Grade

1. Check your core course listing.

2. Avoid “senioritis”

3. Take the fall SAT/ACT if needed.

4. Make official visits to schools.

5. Complete your college applications and

      financial aid forms.