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Academic - Planning Guides

Course Desription Guide 2014-15

Freshman Planning Guide

Welcome to High School   –   Preparing You for Your FUTURE One Diploma    –    Multiple Pathways to Achieve It


Mesa County Valley School District 51 believes that each student is unique and may have different learning needs.  In response, the district has developed a system to support and monitor student progress along the way.  The system provides a variety of options for students to learn, demonstrate what they know, and meet the graduation requirements.

Mesa County Valley School District 51 is committed to high expectations for all students.  We expect each student to complete 25 standards-based credits with a 2.0 GPA or higher AND demonstrate a proficient level as defined by No Child Left Behind (NCLB), on 9th and 10th grade CSAP in math, reading, and writing.  This is the most conventional pathway to graduation.

Graduation requirements can be designed to adapt to a student’s specific learning needs while setting high expectations for achievement.  Graduation pathways are listed below:

Individualized Pathway:

This pathway allows for adaptation and can be utilized for:


  • Students needing an individualized program of study as outlined by an individualized graduation plan.
      • The student will complete 25 credits aligned with the standards or the equivalent. The 25 credits could include alternative proficiency assessment or extensions of the individualized pathway that allow the student to earn the equivalent of 25 standards-based credits.
  • Students who have a GPA lower than 2.0.
      • The student will complete 25 required standards-based credits*    AND
      • The student will participate in prescribed interventions in their targeted area(s) of deficiency  AND
      • The student will work with appropriate staff to develop a graduation plan that supports student growth. 


Pathway of Distinction: **

This pathway provides the highly motivated student opportunities for challenging coursework and additional recognition for their hard work.  The student will:


  • Complete 25 required standards-based credits*    AND
  • Maintain a 3.5 GPA or higher,     AND
  • Demonstrate an “advanced” level on 9th and 10th grade CSAP in all tested areas,   OR
      • Demonstrate “advanced” performance on the NWEA Map Test,     OR
      • Demonstrate a composite score of 22*** or above on ACT,   OR
      • Complete an alternative proficiency assessment (APA) during the junior or senior year.


Conventional Pathway:

This pathway is the standard pathway to graduation.  The student will:


  • Complete 25 required standards-based credits*    AND
  • Maintain a 2.0 GPA or higher,     AND
  • Demonstrate a “proficient” level, as defined by No Child Left Behind, on 9th and 10th grade CSAP in math, reading and writing.    OR
      • The student will participate in prescribed interventions in their targeted area(s) of deficiency,   AND
      • Demonstrate “proficient” or above on NWEA Map Test   OR
      • Demonstrate proficiency on ACT (Composite 17*** or above) or other std. assessment,  OR
      • Demonstrate proficiency through an alternative proficiency assessment (APA).

*       25 Required Credits for the graduating class of 2011 and beyond are listed on the back of this document.  

**     A student must meet all requirements for “Pathway of Distinction” by end of 3rd quarter of senior year to be recognized in the graduation program.

***  ACT scores are subject to change, as ACT tests are re-normed.



District 51 High School Graduation Requirements & Colorado College Admission Requirements



Students and families:  The following information applies to the Graduating Class of 2011 and beyond…


It is important for all of our students and families to understand the Graduation Requirements for Mesa County Valley School District 51 and the minimum four-year public college entrance requirements of Colo. colleges.  (Listed in bottom chart)


The Class of 2011 and beyond must meet the following District 51 course graduation requirements: ***


¨     4.0 Credits - Language Arts ¨    

      3.0 Credits - Social Studies

¨     3.0 Credits - Science  

¨     3.0 Credits - Mathematics (*4.0 credits must include Alg. I, Geometry, and Alg. II or Math 1, 2, & 3 for four-year CO. public colleges)

¨     1.0 Credits - Physical Education (Must Include 0.5 credits of Personal Fitness & Wellness)

¨     0.5 Credits - Computer / Technology Literacy (Computer App. or approved equivalent entry-level class meet this req.)

¨     0.5 Credits - Fine Arts     (Instrumental Music, Performing Arts, Visual Arts or Humanities meet this requirement)

¨  10.0 Credits - General Electives (**Must include 2 credits in Acad. Electives with1 credit in Foreign Lang. for four-year Colo. public colleges)

        25 Credits (Total)


Note: Within the 25 credits listed above, a student must meet the Financial Literacy requirement by obtaining 0.5 credits in one of the following: Personal Finance, Economics, AP Economics, or Life Management (Independent Living)


Students planning to attend a four-year public college or university in Colorado will need to complete the following classes in order to fulfill the Higher Education Admission Requirements:


Academic Area

Class of 2010+


4.0 credits

Mathematics*  (Must include Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II or Math 1, 2 & 3)

4.0 credits*

Natural/Physical Sciences (Two units must be lab-based)

3.0 credits

Social Sciences (At least one unit of U.S. or world history)

3.0 credits

Foreign/World  Language**

1.0 credits**

Academic Electives**

2.0 credits**


Note:  Colleges and universities adjust their application standards frequently.  Students are encouraged to contact representatives from their college of interest each semester.


*     Mathematics entrance requirements for a four-year public college in Colorado listed in chart directly above.

**    Acceptable Academic Electives include additional courses in English, mathematics, natural/physical sciences and social sciences, foreign languages, art, music, journalism, drama, computer science, honors, Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate courses, and appropriate CTE courses.

*** Additional information about specific courses meeting these graduation requirements available in the counseling office.