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Academic - College HEAR Requirments


Higher Education Admission Requirements (HEAR)


Students in Colorado have many choices for education beyond high school.  While some high school graduates go directly to a four-year college or university, many choose to begin by attending a two-year community college or enroll in a technical certification program.  There are different requirements to gain admission for these various programs.  Community colleges typically have open enrollment policies, which mean that students applying to these schools do not need to meet the Higher Education Admission Requirements.  Each institution may also require other courses to be completed during high school, in addition to those specified by the Higher Education Admission Requirements.

The Higher Education Admission Requirement courses listed below generally are required for admission to the public institutions listed below.  Meeting these requirements does not guarantee admission.

Adams State College                                  Metropolitan State College of Denver

Colorado School of Mines                            University of Colorado - Boulder

Colorado State University                            University of Colorado - Colorado Springs

Colorado State University - Pueblo               University of Colorado - Denver

Fort Lewis College                                      University of Northern Colorado

Mesa State College                                    Western State College


Subject Areas*

2010+ Graduates


4 Units


4 Units

Natural Science***

3 Units (2 Units Lab-based)

Social Studies*** 3 Units (1 Unit U.S. or World History)
Foreign/World Language (In Same Language) 1 Unit
Academic Electives**** 2 Units

*CCHE, CDE and School Districts are developing standards for alternative demonstrations of proficiency to be accepted in lieu of course completion. For course guidelines see paragraph 4.01 of the Admissions Standards Policy.

**Two units of ESL English may count for HEAR requirements when combined with two units of successfully completed college preparatory English.

***College-preparatory ESL mathematics/science courses that include content and academic rigor/level comparable to other acceptable courses may satisfy HEAR requirements.

****Acceptable Academic Electives include additional courses in English, mathematics, natural/physical sciences and social sciences, foreign languages, art, music, journalism, drama, computer science, honors, Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate courses, and appropriate CTE courses.