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Academic - BWE Career Internship

BUSINESS WORK EXPERIENCE CLASS (Workplace Skills) Grades 11-12

.5 Credit Prerequisite: Computer Applications

This classroom instruction supplements the Business Work Experience Program. It is designed to help students develop workplace skills valuable to any profession. Students will assess personal skills, abilities, and aptitudes and personal strengths and weaknesses as they relate to career exploration and development. Students complete projects to develop their workplace skills in areas such as 10-key, organization and filing procedures, reinforcement of writing and math skills, business ethics and etiquette, and technology skills using Microsoft Office Suite. Students must complete this course with at least a “C” to receive more than .5 credits for Business Work Experience (Work Program).

BUSINESS WORK EXPERIENCE (Work Program) Grades 11-12

.5 Credit per term Prerequisite: Computer Applications and Teacher/Coordinator Approval

This course is designed to supplement course work with practical paid work experience related to students’ educational program and occupational objectives. Students acquire valuable workplace skills required to be successful on the job. Students will relate the importance of workplace expectations to career development. Students may take one term of BWE Work for .5 credit, but must satisfactorily complete the BWE (Workplace Skills) Course to receive more than .5 credits for work.