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Academic Options


School District 51 offers a number of academic options to the traditional high school setting for students who are not finding success. Below is a listing of programs that are available to School District 51 students. Please feel free to contact the resources below directly or see your counselor for more information.  




2935 North Avenue Grand Junction, CO

(Grades 9-12)

Dean Blair, Career Center Principal, at 254-6000


Career Center is structured to meet the career training of high school students.  Students can attend the Career Center to gain job-entry level skills in combination with the educational program at their home school.  Academic instruction is an intregal part of every vocational program.  Classes are designed to prepare students to enter the world of work, or continue in a higher education program upon graduation.  The mission of the Career Center is to guide all students to reach their individual potential by developing knowledge, entry-level employability skills, and positive attitudes in a safe, nurturing environment.

Contact counselors at home high school for a referral



(Grades 9-12)

Students may choose to supplement their high school course work by enrolling in courses offered by independent companies and/or colleges.  The course syllabus, the list of required assignments, and grades are all administered by the independent agency.  Students must have written approval from the school counselor or principal prior to enrolling if they plan to use the credit to meet School District 51 graduation requirements.

Contact counselors at home high school



Test Preparation:

Mesa County Work Force Center - 248-0871 -or-

Palisade High School - 254-4804 or 254-4848

GED Testing Site:

Mesa State College Testing Center - 255-2750



600 N. 14th Street, Grand Junction, CO  81501

The mision of Independence Academy Charter School is to educate students of diverse ages and backgrounds to understand, thrive in, and enhance our world community and environment.  IACS regards learning as a continuing process, and strives to provide an education that will enable students to live productive lives while acheiving a balance between self-fulfillment and service to others. Students are encouraged to think critically and act ethically with sensitivity to both the human community and the environment.  IACS's philosophy stresses experiential learning and self-direction within an interdisciplinary curriculum.

Contact: Damon Lockhart, Principal, 255-8565



Palisade High School

(Grades 9-12)

3679 G Road, Palisade CO  81626

The IB program is a rigorous, highly demanding, time intensive curriculum program that is offered in schools all over the state of Colorado, the United States and the world. Students enrolling in this program begin in a pre-diploma program during the 9th and 10th grades and continue with the diploma program during the 11th and 12th grades.  Students who complete the program during their last two years of high school and earn an IB diploma can obtain college credit and have a competitive edge in applying to the most selective colleges.  In Colorado, students who earn an IB diploma will begin their college career at any of the 4-year colleges or universities (except School of Mines) with 24 credit hours.

Contact: Tracy Arledge, IB Coordinator, at 254-4803



(This is not a District 51 School)

Job Corps is a residential training facility where students 16-24 years old can obtain an accredited high school diploma, GED, and vocational training certificate.  Students receive employment placement assistance, as well as life skills training.  A student also earns money while attending Job Corps.

Contact: Laura Goldie  at 254-0197 or at goldie.laura@jobcorps.org




The Key Performance Program is for students 17 or older that want a diploma and want an alternative way to show what they've learned.  Their proficiencies include:

  • Studying and passing 9 ACT Workkeys tests in Math, Reading, reference skills, technology, teamwork, observation, listening, writing, and businesswriting. AND
  • 8 portfolio projects in science, technology, careers, civics, consumer studies, the arts, personal awareness, and cultural studies.

This is a non-credit program.



804 Grand Avenue, Grand Junction, CO  81501


MVV-HCP is not a charter school but a contracted partnership with District 51 which provides another choice option for families and adds potential alternative pathways for students within the system.  This school/program will serve students who are currently choosing educational programs outside District 51.  The partnership creates a structure that makes it possbile for students and families to choose educational experiences from all available learning resources in the community.

MVV-HCP is considered by the staet to be a District 51 school subject to all the same accountability measures.  A Resource Consultant will be assigned to each student and family as they are enrolled and will work in developing an Individualized Learning Plan.  Traditional "subjects" and standards for achievement will be apparent in Individual Learning Plan agreements.  The Resource Consultant will help identify resources to support the plan, monitor the student's progress and arrange for assessments.  The instructional program will lead to graduation.  Tuition will not be charged although fees may be assessed under certain circumstances.



(Grades 9-12)

(Fee $100.00 per .5 credit class per session)

On-line school classes are offered each semester to provide additional opportunities for high school students currently enrolled in District 51.  Students may retake classes, make up classes, or gain additional credit towards graduation.  Students may also enroll in various classes just for the learning experience.

Contact counselors at your home high school



On-Line Program 2009-2010


Registration will be held at R-5 High School located at 310 N. 7th Street from 2:30 - 4:00 pm on the dates listed below.  Students must see their counselor to get a registration form to be considered for enrollment.        

Session 1:

  • Registration:   Oct. 26, 2009
  • Class Dates:   Oct. 26 - Dec. 17, 2009

Session 2:

  • Registration:  Jan. 11, 2010
  • Class Dates:  Jan. 11 - Mar. 4, 2010

Session 3:

  • Registration:  Mar. 16, 2010
  • Class Dates:  Mar. 16 - May 5, 2010

$100.00 PER 1/2 CREDIT
1/2 Credit per Session - please make checks payable to: R-5

New students will be required to attend a 10 to 15 minute training session during enrollment. Brochures will be available in your Counseling Office.


Pre-Algebra  Comp/ Literature 9 World Geography  Art History
Algebra I      Comp/Literature 10 Earth Science U.S. History Health
Algebra II   Composition 11 Physical Science American Government   
Geometry    American Literature 11/12 Biology    World History 
Business Math British Literature 11/12   Economics 

* For further information please contact R-5 High School at 254-6880



310 N. 7th Street

Grand Junction, CO  81501

(Grades 9-12)

School Without Walls is designed for students who have different learning styles. SWW is a self-directed learning opportunity that stresses individual goals relevant to educational direction, experiential learning, demonstration of knowledge, teamwork, and respect for self, others, and community.  Students are required to participate in a community learning experience, which may include a job, volunteer position or enrollment in a vocational/technical school.  Either of these will generate additional credit toward a diploma.  All goals and objectives meet or exceed District 51 standards.  No transportation is provided by District 51.

Contact: Dave Casey or Willa Shepardson at 254-6883




(Grades 9-12)

Summer extended learning is designed to be a seamless approach to responsive instruction for students.  It allows time to be the variable instead of learning.  We coordinate our efforts with the school year so we can pick up where instruction leaves off in the spring and then we deliver the students more ready to learn in the fall.  Any K-8 student who needs to have skill gaps closed is welcome to attend for free.  Any K-8 students without academic challenges can attend for $100 for the morning block and $85 for enrichment activities.  (All costs subject to change) breakfast, lunch and limited transportation are provided.

K-8 summer extended learning runs six weeks with two, two hour academic blocks.  High school runs 5 weeks with two three hour academic classes in which students can earn .5 credits per class.  Each high school class is $100 and the offerings available are Algebra, Geometry, Literacy, American Govt., and Sciences.

Classes are Monday through Thursday at numerous sites throughout the valley.  Registration is at your student's school through the school year, and then at the Prevention Office at 930 Ute Avenue.

Contact: Cathy Haller or Kim Babbel at 254-5350

cathyc@mesa.12.co.us or kimbabbl@mesa.k12.co.us



711 Iowa

Palisade, CO

(Grades 8-12)

Valley School East is a District 51 alternative program for Central and Palisade area students.  Enrollment is secured through the building principal and counselors.  Valley School's unique structure is designed to address the individual needs of a variety of learners, which can include high risk, expelled and dropout students.  The goal is for students to prepare themselves for re-entry at their middle or high school.

Contact: Dan Bollinger at 254-4803 (PHS)

Contact: Randy Powell at 254-6140 (CHS)



310 N. 7th Street

Grand Junction, CO

(Activitiy Fee $25.00)

This program is designed to provide four hours of instruction daily to teen parents, or soon to be parents, as well as providing a nursery for infants while they are attending class.  It is a well-structured support component that helps students gain necessary skills, in addition to meeting their academic needs.  No transportation is provided by School District 51.

Contact: Linnea Watson at 254-6883