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Business Work Experience

Just what is BWE?  It stands for Business Work Experience and is comprised of two parts:  class and work.  Let’s talk about them separately.  GET SCHOOL CREDIT FOR WORKING!

BWE Class:

This is a 9-week elective class open to juniors and seniors that focuses on work skills.  Topics include self exploration, interviewing skills, career planning, resume work, public relations skills, and work ethics.  In addition, the class teaches workplace skills such as 10-Key, filling, business writing, and grammar.  All of the topics are designed to help you be a better employee, no matter what type of job you have.  Students must pass this class with a C or better in order to be eligible to participate in the BWE Work program.

BWE Work:

Students can opt to earn credit for paid work in the community or in school district buildings.  Students may earn .5 credits for at least  65 hours of documented work experience in a 9-week term.  Students must take the work skills class (BWE Class) in order to be eligible for employment credit, but they do not necessarily have to take the course before they begin employment for credit.  Students are required to turn in assignments regarding the application of work knowledge to their work performance in order to receive credit.   Juniors and seniors are able to earn up to 2 credits per year for work.

Most of the students who enter the program are already employed in the community, but BWE coordinators can assist in job placement in school district buildings for students interested in clerical positions.  These students are paid through the BWE program.

Unlike the class, BWE work students have the option of accepting a pass/fail grade or of contracting with the BWE coordinator at midterm to earn and A or B.  In this way they are able to impact their GPA in a positive way.

Juniors and seniors may also work for one term and earn .5 credit without taking the BWE Class.  However, this opportunity is limited to one term in total and  all the regular requirements apply. 

There you have it in a nutshell!  Still have questions?  Talk with Mrs. Gustavson in room 104.  Plan now to make BWE part of your junior and senior years!

For more information or to sign up please contact Emily Bollinger: emily.bollinger@d51schools.org