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Upcoming Events

Basketball: Girls JV

4:00pm vs Durango @CHS

February 3, 2017

Basketball: Boys JV

4:00pm vs Durango @CHS

February 3, 2017

Basketball: Girls Varsity

5:30pm vs Durango @CHS

February 3, 2017



Lanc Sellden, Principal
Randy Powell, Asst. Principal
Lynn Schuett, Asst. Principal
Tracy Arledge, Asst. Principal
David Neal, Asst. Principal

Phone Extensions

Call 254-6200, then enter the following extensions.

Attendance Office: Option 1

     Voicemail: 254-6102

Counseling Office: Option 2

Athletics Office: Option 3

Budget Office: Option 4

Main Office: Option 5

Welcome to Central High School

Whether you are a student, a parent, an alumnus, a faculty/staff member, a friend, future Warrior or simply a web surfer, we're glad you came to visit. Our web site tries to meet the needs of all the communities that make up Central High School. It is our hope that you will find the information you need here and that you will continue to use this site as a resource towards your educational success.Central High School's vision: to prepare every student to excel in the future s/he creates. Under the direction of our administration, we strive to encourage and promote every student to live up to his or her individual excellence. Welcome to our virtual home.


21 Day Challenge: Dude. Be Nice.
February 1st- Share A Smile February 12th- Give Someone a Hug
February 2nd- List 5 Things You're Thankful For February 13th- Compliment Someones Attitude
February 3rd- Tell a Teacher What They Mean to You February 14th- Tell Someone You love them
February 4th- Shout out on Social Media to Someone

February 15th- Sticky Notes (Pass on Positive Sticky Notes

                         Throughout the day)

February 5th- Have Dinner With Your Loved Ones February 16th- Post Something You're Proud Of
February 6th- Hold the Door Open for Someone February 17th- Tell a Friend What they Mean to You
February 7th- Share a Memory That Makes You Happy February 18th- Suprise a Friend

February 8th- Give Back (Jars collecting spare change will go 

                       around in advisories)

February 19th- Do Something Special with People Important to you
February 9th- Reconnect with an Old Friend February 20th- Post a Positive Quote
February 10th- Tell Someone a Joke February 21st- Dude. Be Nice. (Wear dude be nice shirts)
February 11th- Post a Picture of Somone You Are Grateful for


G/T Surveys

Parent Survey http://tinyurl.com/ParentD51GT

Administrator Survey http://tinyurl.com/AdminD51GT

Teacher Survey http://tinyurl.com/TeacherD51GT

High School Student Survey http://tinyurl.com/HSGTstudent


Click here if you would like more information on Central's STEM Program.



Congratulations to our Academic Letter Students:

Class of 2017
Class of 2018
Class of 2019



CMAS Scores


Extracurriculars and Sports


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Skiers and Snowboarders

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This Week's News



This year CMAS scores have shown promising improvment. Keep it up warriors!


speech and Debate at CHS has been very successful the past 10 years! Good job warriors.

  Learn about the skiers and snowboarders at Central High School who spend their winter time shredding the gnar.  

This week we have a new edition of news for you. Check out announcements. Tune in next week for another edition of CHS News!

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