School to Career


Connecting Students to Their Futures and Classrooms to Their Communities.

What is School-to-Career? School-to-Career makes learning more relevant and meaningful. It helps students know what they are learning, why they are learning it and how they will use it. School-to-Career is an approach to learning that acknowledges that students learn best when they learn by doing.

Mrs. Soderborg, the School-to-Career Coordinator, can help your student develop a career pathway through assessments, research post secondary opportunities for continuing education, trade or work, and provide unique opportunities to explore careers through job shadows and internships.


The Futures Center at each high school is a place where students can come to explore their potential! Students can take various assessments to determine interests, research colleges and educational options, discover exciting career possibilities, as well as participate in programs that provide unique opportunities in career exploration. Students can schedule an appointment or just stop by.

Some of the opportunities available to students are:

  • College in Colorado/Choices Programs: The Choices program available through the College in Colorado web site provides online assessments to determine interests, abilities, and values. The web site also contains information about two and four year colleges, financial aid options, and job seeking skills.
    CollegeInvest Early Achievers Scholarship - click here
    COF Funds aka The College Opportunity Fund - click here
  • School to Career Internship: Take the opportunity to explore a career while in high school. Gain knowledge and experience that will help you solidify your career choice or become more employable. Students can earn from .5 up to 2 elective credits. Sites are available during the school year as well as the summer, with counselor approval. For forms pertaining to the School to Career Internship click here
  • AmeriCorps Scholarship: Students 17 and older can earn a $1132.28 scholarship to their college, or post secondary training school of choice, for performing 300 hours of volunteer work in 365 days. Many school clubs, classes and functions count towards your hours. This scholarship applies to all colleges and schools that accept federal financial aid. 


For current forms select below:

  • Job Shadows: Students can observe an employee for a short period of time, usually a few hours or weeks, to gain insight into a career. After this, if students so choose they could participate in an internship.
  • Opportunities Board: Jobs and volunteer situations, which students can apply for, are posted and updated periodically. For a list of current opportunities click here.

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