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1.On what date was Gandhi assassinated?

2.What was Gandhi's profession?

3.Why did Gandhi get kicked off a train?

4.In what year did this occur and where?

5.What does Gandhi burn that gets him beaten and arrested?

6.What is the name of the General who was in power in South Africa?

7.What is the name of the Anglican Clergyman who meets Gandhi in South Africa?

8.What is the name ofthe NY Times Reporter?

9.When the police attack Gandhi and the protestors, what do the protestors do to keep the horses from trampling them?

10. General Smutz realeases all what after he repeals the law?

11. How many schillings does Daniel's (Smutz's secretary) loan Gandhi?

12.What religion is Nehru?

13.What league is Jenna leader of?

14.What does Jenna, head of the Muslim league, think of Gandhi?

15.What is different about Gandhi's speech at the Congress from Jenna's?

16.What kind of fighting does Gandhi espouse?

17.When Gandhi was arrested in Champara he tells who to take an assignment in Fiji?

18.What does Bapu mean?

19.Gandhi was ordered to leave the province and refused.The judge released him on bail for 100 rupees, and what did Gandhi refuse to do?

20. At Jenna's house Gandhi wants to call upon the nation for a day of prayer and fasting when an unjust law goes into effect.What does this do to India?

21.What does Mahatma mean?

22.Because of the Strike, what do the British authorities do to Gandhi?

23.When this happens, what do the people of India do?

24.At a non-violent meeting in Amristar what do the British authorities and army do?25.How many casualties were there.Over how many people? 1000

26.After the massacre at a meeting with British leaders, Gandhi tells those leaders, they must and will eventually do what?

27.What did Gandhi encourage all the people of India to burn to protest British rule?

28.Gandhi tells Mrs. Slade that he considers her his what?

29.After the policeman are killed and rioting breaks out all over India, what does Gandhi say he will do until the rioting has stopped?

30.When he despairs, Gandhi says that he remembers that the way of t___________ and l____________ always prevails.

31.After the hunger strike who is charged with sedition and is arrested?

32.When the judge stands when Gandhi enters the courtroom, what does the judge show Gandhi?

33.How many years is Gandhi sentenced to prison?




Ghandi Quiz p.2

34.How old were Gandhi and his wife when they married?

35.Gandhi decides to walk to the sea and make what?

36.Who has the monopoly on this?

37.The strength of Civil Resistance is to provoke peacefully until the powers that be a do what?

38.Gandhi arrives to make this substance on the anniversary of what?

39.What do hundreds of people start selling illegally after Gandhi's example?

40.The only violence after hundreds of thousands of arrests came from what side?

41.Because of these activities, whom do the Brits arrest?

42.At the salt mine, after the arrest, what happens to all those who march toward the gates of the salt mine?

43.After this event, Walker, in his article, declares that India is what?

44. The British government meets with whom?

45.What do they discuss in London?

46.When confronted prior to a speech Gandhi admits that he will speak against war,so what do the Brits do?

47.Gandhi says that poverty is the worst form of what?V____________

48.Who dies of a heart attack?

49.With independence, what are the two major factions or groups that have conflict?

50.Who does Gandhi want to have as the first president of India?

51.What two countries are formed to solve the problem of the two factions?

52.What happened on the Pakistan-India border in August of 1947?

53.When Gandhi stays in Calcutta, he stays at the home of a person of what religion?Islam - Muslim

54.Gandhi decides to do what so that the violence will stop?

55.A Hindu man approaches Gandhi and tells him to eat.He says he is going to hell, but not with Gandhi's death on his shoulders.He killed a Muslim boy because the Muslims killed his son.Gandhi tells him there is a way out of hell.What is it?

56.Because of Gandhi what happens all over India?

57.Just prior to his death, Gandhi intended to visit what country?

Fill in the blanks:When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of (58.) t_______________ and (59.) l______________ has always won.There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall.Think of it. (60.) A_____________.

An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world (61.) b___________.