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The Most Dangerous Game Quiz


  1. To what continent are Rainsford and Whitney headed?
  2. To what city on that are they going?
  3. What animal are Whitney and Rainsford going to hunt?
  4. What do the sailors call the mysterious island?
  5. What does Rainsford hear as he sits on the deck smoking his pipe?
  6. What happened to Rainsford’s pipe and, consequently, to him?
  7. What is the name of Zaroff’s servant?
  8. What military rank does Zaroff possess?
  9. Rainsford wrote a book on hunting what animal in Tibet?
  10. What does Zaroff tell Rainsford is his one passion?
  11. What does Zaroff hunt?
  12. How does Zaroff accumulate his quarry?
  13. What is the name of the swamp in the southeast corner of the island?
  14. How many days must the quarry elude Zaroff to survive?
  15. Who is Lazarus?
  16. What trap does Rainsford make that injures Zaroff’s shoulder? M________  M__________
  17. What claims the life of one of Zaroff’s favorite dogs? B__________ T_________  P_________
  18. Whom is killed by the knife attached to the sapling tree?
  19. Name the two “annoyances” that plagues Zaroff at dinner at the close of the story.
  20. Who sleeps in the bed at the close of the story?