October 2017 Newsletter 

A Note From the Principal

“High school is hard.” I have heard this statement from hundreds of students over my sixteen years in education. My response is always the same, “I certainly hope so. If it wasn’t hard, you wouldn’t need it.” The resounding question within this student’s statement is, what should hard mean? For the staff at Central, “hard” means challenging both socially and academically. Using the term challenging means that we truly believe that completing and excelling in high school is within the grasp of any student.

High school is socially challenging because students are faced with a myriad of issues they may have never had to face before, and each student is trying to find his or her own path through a truly confusing time. New responsibilities, freedoms, and situations are exciting, but knowing that choices made today could drastically affect the rest of their lives makes this time even more emotionally challenging.

Academically, my expectation is that every student is challenged every day. For some students, this is the first time they have felt overwhelmed with the workload. As our unprecedented growth in students challenging themselves by taking AP (Advanced Placement) or other higher level courses continues to grow, so does the number of students who feel they are unprepared for such a challenge. I want our students to feel overwhelmed from time to time and gain the tools to fight through these struggles when they are supported by families and teachers, instead of later in life when they may be alone and unprepared.

For some of these students, the first response to feeling overwhelmed is to want to give up and take an “easier” path. This path will not prepare them to excel in their futures, but continue to look for the easier path. When I speak to past graduates, regardless of what they are doing later in life, I try to ask the question, “What could Central have done to better prepare you?” Almost all students answer the same, “Make me take more, tougher classes.” This is a continual affirmation for the need to increase rigor in every classroom and push students to stretch themselves academically. If I am ever told that our classes or school are too hard, I believe the opposite is much worse.

How can you support the goal of increased rigor at Central? Push your students to take hard classes and challenge themselves (yes, especially their senior year); help them to advocate for themselves when they are struggling; don’t let them give up, but keep encouraging them that they can do it. If they hear the same message over and over, they will not just believe it and succeed, they will excel.


Lanc Sellden, Principal

Homecoming Week Calendar

Click the image above.

Events Calendar

As you can see there are a lot of events that happen at Central High School on a daily basis. This is just October. Click the image or the link below for access to the entire school calendar.

Aspen College Fair on October 1st from 10am-2pm at Aspen High School
Free App Week from October 2nd to the 6th during school day at Central High School
University of Northern Colorado Visit on October 3rd from 12pm-1pm in CHS Library 
Colorado Mountain College Visit on October 3rd from 9am-1pm in Room 105 at CHS
Financial Aid Night-College and Money on October 18th from 6pm-7:30pm at CMU University Center
ASVAB Test on October 26th 9am at GJHS
Adams State University on October 5th 9am-10pm At CHS Library


Students that are interested in pursuing a career in the military, should take the ASVAB test.  This test will help show students’ strength areas as well as job options.  The test will be offered, October 26th at 8:45 am at Grand Junction High School.Students need to sign up in the counseling Office.
Immunization Compliance
Colorado State Law requires all students to show proof of required immunizations for school attendance. Notices are being sent out to students who are not in vaccine compliance according to our records. Central High School will be looking at suspending students not in compliance at the end of October. We do not wish to interrupt your student's attendance and education, so please comply with our requests for records or sign an exemption. If you have any questions you can contact the Health Assistant Gretchen McGeeney at 254-6200 ext. 22127 or RN Heather Shuman at ext. 22128. Thanks for your cooperation

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