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Student Learning Center- Novel Stars

Novel Stars

Novel Stars is an academic online program.  Students can complete classes from any computer that has internet access.  Midterm and final tests must be taken in the classroom with a teacher present.  Cost is $150 per year for access.  Counselor approval is required to enroll in the class.

Classes offered: .5 Credit each

Language Arts Mathamatics Social Studies Science

Comp/Lit 9 A 

Comp/Lit 9 B  

Comp/Lit 10 A  

Comp/Lit 10 A

Comp 11            

American Lit               

Consumer Math A

Consumer math B  

Algebra 1 A  

Algebra I B

Geometry A

Geometry B

Algebra II A 

Algebra II B


World Geography I

World Geography II

U.S. History A

U.S. History B

 American Government 


Earth Science A 

Earth Science AB

Biology A

Biology B

Physical Science A

Physical Science B


Novel Stars login: http://ns1.novelstars.com/default.asp