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Learning Support Services (Special Education)


Ruth Beach

Martha Christen

James Easton

Kim Flynn

Tell HammerStrom

Cassie Harmeling

Janet Magoon

Lisa Melchoir

Larry Robbins

Danny Woods


Every student, every day, learning for life, in the manner most conducive to their individual learning style is the premise from which Learning Support Services functions. As a result, Central High School offers a vast array of services so that students can be successful during their high school careers, as well as contributing citizens of our society.

Course Descriptions:

Study Skills

Students are guided through developing study skills to improve academic and work performance, based on their learning styles. Through this class, students are also provided additional time sometimes needed to complete outside assignments, and the opportunity to interact with their teacher concerning specific general education classes,

Social Studies/Independent Study

Students are provided individual instruction and curriculum in the areas of World Geography, US History, and US Government.

Consumer Math/Personal Finance

Emphasis is placed on number sense, and essential decision-making skills in the areas of calculating taxes, budgeting, spending, saving, investing, credit, debt, and types of insurance.

Life Skills

Will address transitional needs concerning transportation, living options, medical services, budgeting and finance, employment options, and recreation.


This course covers foundations and skills needed to be successful in higher level math classes implementing group work, and an emphasis on a hands-on interactive approach.

Independent and Resource Supported Sciences

Classes are designed to provide instruction in the areas of Physical, Earth/Space, Life, and Food Science following content standards as appropriate to individual abilities and.

Language Arts

Students will be instructed, with necessary support, to read a variety of materials and respond in thought, voice and written word. This course emphasizes basic proficiencies in reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

Functional Skills

Classes in basic skills for life in the areas of reading, math, career, and social skills.These classes are provided for students with significant needs.

Adaptive PE

This is a physical education class which may be adapted or modified to address the individualized needs of children and youth who have gross motor developmental delays.